Earn ETH + CAKE With EtherCake token


About EtherCake

Why choose $ECAKE?

EtherCake is a community-driven rewards token that is deployed on Binance Smart Chain. $ECAKE holders receive both ETH and CAKE rewards automatically every 60 minutes. The project is led by an experienced team that is respected in the crypto space. Their planned multi-chain staking platform and launchpad are just some of the things you can look forward to.
Contract: 0x0C07358EC722A32E929aa6aF0B7FEb3D2Da3c863

EtherCake's goal is to reward it's users. In addition to rewards, $ECAKE's team plans on creating the most trusted multi-chain staking and IDO platform in crypto. We look to provide high quality projects and great support along the way.

To help protect against bots, snipers, and whales, $ECAKE features a 2% max buy and 0.5% max sell. There is also a 2% max hold

To help garner trust in the project, we will vest (time lock) the marketing and dev tokens.

Why is there big red dips in the chart?

While it can seem scary, and can cause weak-handed people to panic. There is an easy explaination to it. With every transaction, some tokens are stored in the $ECAKE smart contract. Once the amount of tokens held in the contract reaches a certain threshold, it sells the tokens for ETH + CAKE and sends them to token holders as rewards.

Benefits of Holding Our Token

EtherCake focuses on rewarding holders with ETH + CAKE automatically. All the user has to do is hold 50000 $ECAKE and they will receive rewards every 60 minutes.

Safe and Secure

Auto liquidity

On every Transaction, 1% of funds are sent to liquidity on Pancakeswap ensuring that there will always be $ECAKE to buy.

Instant Exchange


$ECAKE is extensively tested and will be audited by multiple companies.

World Coverage

Anti whale

There is a max buy of 2% and max sell of 0.5%. There is also a max hold of 2%.

Mobile Apps

ETH + CAKE Rewards

With every buy transaction, token holders will receive 3% ETH and 3% CAKE rewards. On sells, it is increased to 4% ETH and 4% CAKE rewards.

Strong Network

Fair Launch

EtherCake is a decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned, and governed by the community. It will be fairlaunched on Pinksale.

Margin Trading


All initial Liquidity has been locked with Pinksale. Marketing and Dev wallets will be vested.


Fair launch on Pinksale

Earn ETH + CAKE every 1 Hour






1 Billion




  • BUY 12%
  • SELL 15%
Initial Token Distribution
Tax Distribution

Road Map

EtherCake is part of the next generation of rewards tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): you get rewarded in ETH + CAKE instead of just tokens.